English duo The Dot And The Line craft a consuming sound, one that captivates with atmospheric production and striking vocals. Their gripping soundscapes venture through lush nocturnal dreaminess and rousing electro-pop euphoria, exploring themes of heartache, loneliness, intimacy, and various facets of the human condition -- like connection and disconnection. The project formed out of a mutual love for downtempo electronica, in the vein of Portishead and The xx. The style's influence is evident in their material's evocative pull.


Douglas has worked as a programmer and engineer with artists like Stevie Nicks, Katy Perry, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, and Ke$ha. His songwriting and production work is also frequent in film and TV. Clark is a songwriter and the project's vocalist. Her lyrics delve into the discovery of beauty in emotionally charged situations, as well as expressing the ebb and flow of human intimacy. 


Douglas' production combines with his talents as a keyboardist and guitarist. His musical accompaniments prove a perfect fit for Clark's gripping vocal presence, which can escalate seamlessly from a ethereal hush into an emotively infectious allure.


The project's talents are on full display throughout their new release Small Anchors In The Swirl, releasing on February 1st. The release's title takes inspiration from Patti Smith's memoir The M Train, where Smith describes lists as being "small anchors in the swirl." "We chose this image for the album title as it captures the idea that in a world driven by speed, efficiency, and profit, we need to slow down and find a mooring and a sense of identity to hold on to," Clark explains. "There is a darkly sensual aesthetic permeating throughout the songs as they chart the euphoria of living in one of the most transformational times in history." 


Small Anchors In The Swirl explores aspects of the future, such as the relationship between humanity and technology, and in doing so creates tension and feelings of ambivalence within the songs. Lyrics throughout the release - "Life is a drive at night, we only see what’s in the headlights," - say as much, examining the impulsive, narcissistic side of human nature. "We want to sit facing the direction of travel to experience the new," Clark continues. "But as pressures mount on the planet and as life becomes more competitive, it seems the human qualities of empathy, intuition and imagination are more important than ever."



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